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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion First

What is the next trend in home décor?  Always look to fashion first.  What?  You didn’t realize that your Living Room drapery is inspired by Versace?  Oh yes.  And the color of your bedroom walls first debuted as the color of a fabulous clutch by Louis Vuitton? 

For example, Orange was the 2012 “Color of the Year” in home décor.  Love it.  I used it as a Foyer accent wall, below.

My client's Foyer accent wall. Orange is my client's favorite color so I incorporated in the home
where it would be a wow factor.  It certainly is.

And a pair of deep relaxing Master Bedroom chairs for one of my fabulous clients who also happens to drive a Porche of the same color.  

This gorgeous Master Suite we created for our client is a classic Arts & Crafts style interior with fine Stickley furnishings now recently energized with citrus colors and layers of pattern and textures. 

Note the tangerine colored motif on the
Chloe wool rug, as well as the designer reupholstered orange/cream geometric patterned ottoman, all beautiful details.

I couldn't help but incorporate the friendly, dazzling shade of orange into my own home: a throw, a picture frame, a rug. 

Orange is hot!  And it first showed up as the fashion fav of 2011.

Gwenyth Paltrow in Glamour
Magazine rocking orange.

Oh and patterns!  Bold geometrics, my second love.  I incorporate them in my interior designs with fabrics, wall coverings, accessories and in rug design.  I can’t get enough.  Is it just me or does this captivating wallpaper by Romo look like it could be the next great suite by Prada?

This fretwork patterned paper is from Romo's Marenka
Collection.  See link below to visit their website.

Prada Model, Fall of 2012 on Runway in
Suit of strong geometric pattern.

So what is on the horizon in home décor?  Well I have my eye on the fashion trends of 2012 and 2013.  In 2012 Oxblood was popular in fashion, and we are all over this trend.

I designed this Dining Room Niche to be the crowning accent of this Great Room.
The back wall is faux finished in oxblood venetian plaster, custom chosen to compliment the drapery and fine art in the home.

Jason Wu Model in Oxblood dress in
Fall of 2012.

Other fashion trends in 2012 were feminine details, elegance, and leather. I am prepared to make room for a new oxblood velvet chaise with boldly feminine lines.  Now that is sexy design.