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Monday, November 7, 2016

The Magic of Motorization

Motorized draperies were thought of as an indulgence several years ago, but today's hardware, technology and pricing have made this onetime luxury readily available to the general public. Motorized draperies offer many advantages including ease of use and safety considerations for parents with young children. So how do motorized blinds work?  Lets start here with the basics.

The Basics: Motorized drapery is available to be installed and function in a few different ways.  The most popular are hardwired, plug in and battery operated. The drapery is controlled from either a handheld remote control or a wall switch — with just a click, the window coverings magically open and close. 

Safety: Motorized window treatments are cordless - and that means that they help make your home safer for kids and pets. No more long strings or cords, either hanging or attached to the wall, which are known potential choking hazards!
And of course last but definitely not least...

Style: Window treatments, in large part, can make a well designed room feel complete.  Many view window treatments as necessary for not only light control but to keep others from seeing in as well.  Drapery can not only solve the issue of privacy but can pull your whole look together.  With motorized drapery you can achieve the best of both worlds. 

A stunning example of motorized drapery in a client's Great Room.
Beautiful fabrics in an endless array of colors and patterns without the hassle of cords, that open and close at the touch of a button, so smoothly and quietly that you'd be hard pressed to know it if you wern't watching it happen with your own eyes. Go ahead let your creative side run wild!  

This video showcases how beautifully these drapes open and close.  Not that you'd ever want to cover up that fantastic view, but if you have to, why not stare at something equally gorgeous!