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Friday, July 10, 2015

Not Your Mother's Cow Hide Rug

Have you heard of Kyle Bunting? Okay, me either. He is an artist who is just up the road in Austin (Hooray for Texas!) and you are going to LOVE the medium he has chosen for his stunning artwork. He uses hides, as in cow hides, to make some of the most amazing and functional pieces of art. Don't believe me, check this stuff out:
Yes, the art on the wall is hide:

Also hide:

Amazing right?! So, why hide? Taken from the company website, "Luxurious to the touch, hide is a material of incredible depth and dimension that brings unlimited design potential to rugs, walls, objects and upholstery. Kyle Bunting, widely recognized as creator of the decorative hide rug, is an innovator whose work over the past decade has redefined how hide is used in interior applications. Kyle Bunting believes that designing without limitation is the ultimate expression of luxury. Since the beginning Kyle Bunting's specification mantra - 'any size, any shape, any color' - has enabled designers and clients to freely express and indulge their utmost design potential, allowing each piece to become a work of art that personifies the space for which it was designed." 

So just in case you aren't looking to add some hide art to your wall here are a few of (my favorite) rug designs:

source for all pictures and quotation: 

Seriously, you could spend hours looking at all the amazing things that can be made from hide. I know I just did. Here's the website if you feel inclined to do so: . Happy Friday ya'll!