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Monday, January 22, 2018

Details, Details - Alteza Residences

Isn't this view amazing!  We couldn't resist taking it in from our clients' downtown condo at the Alteza Residences.

When you walk in you are immediately drawn to the floor to ceiling view and it's not until you've taken it in and turn around that you really notice the Entry and Hallway from which you entered.

Our client was looking to add some pizzaz to an other wise bland area of the home. So we decided to give plain walls some interest by adding picture frame molding and included the front door in the fun with detailed trim in an intersecting line pattern.

Concept and Inspitation
Elevations of picture frame molding for Entry Hallway
Elevations of picture frame molding for Master Bedroom Hallway 
This is what our Entryway and Master Bedroom Hall looked like before we got started.

And here we are in process.  The trim carpenter has already placed all of the molding and painting has started.  Doesn't it look better already?

The final product!

We had the front door painted the same dark finish as the original trim color.

The walls got a coat of crisp, white paint and these beautiful gold sculptural sconces were installed.

Beautiful new custom runner rugs were added to compliment the more modern tone.

A new chandelier that looks like a piece of art in its own right illuminates the study.

Now let's just admire that view one more time.