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We are a full service design company with a fresh perspective and a fun approach, providing professional care for all your design needs.  Whether you are just starting a project or are already knee deep in changes, our services allow your project to run more smoothly, progress faster, and ensure fabulous results.

List of Services

  • Fine Furnishings
  • Custom Drapery
  • Art and Accessories
  • Paint and Specialty Finishes
  • Custom Tile and Mosaics
  • Custom Lighting
  • Custom Plumbing Fixtures
  • Cabinetry Design
  • Home Staging
  • Personal Shopping
  • Commercial Design
  • Home Organization
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Builder Specifications
  • Remodel Consultations
  • Drawings and Schedules
Architectural Selections:
Creating beautiful interiors first begins with special attention to all of the permanent elements of your home such as roof, tile, pavers, iron work design, floor outlets, cabinetry, paint, fireplace design, flooring materials, plumbing and lighting fixtures.  These important elements are chosen carefully to  enhance the design and architecture of your home.  Detailed tile designs are my specialty.  

Too many times people settle for the plain vanilla builder selections.  Their homes look just like their neighbors' houses omitting interesting elements that could set it apart.  Let me create a home for you infused with personality and individual character~ a home that is uniquely yours.

We document all selections in detailed schedules with product photos for you and your builder.


We also provide drawings of tile layouts for you and your installers to ensure the design is communicated clearly to each party.  We provide clear direction and additional project supervision to make sure your home is completed as expected.


Fine Furnishings:
Custom furnishings, rugs, drapery, art and accessories are all an integral part of creating a space that is uniquely yours.  These items, carefully added, help to express your individuality and lifestyle.  

I first begin by listening to your needs and desires.  I take measurements and photograph your current furnishings and include the pieces you love in the finished design plan I create for you.  I provide you with as much information on the suggested furniture as possible, showing you fabric and finishes in person.  I also present you with a furniture floor plan, so you can assess the layout and understand how each furniture piece relates to each other and to the room scale.


I prioritize the necessary purchases for you, then design and select pieces that best fit your lifestyle and budget. 

I have the exclusive recourses to find you the stellar conversational pieces each home needs in conjunction with custom upholstery that not only looks great, but is durable, comfortable, and specifically designed for you and your home. 

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