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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holidays with the Children's Hospital of San Antonio

We at NR Interiors are overjoyed at the opportunity to bring Christmas cheer to the Children's Hospital of San Antonio.  In an effort to show our gratitude and seeking for an opportunity to give back to the community, we donated a decorated Christmas tree to the hospital in hopes that it may bring smiles and  sparkly holiday magic to the faces of the little patients and wonderful staff.  It was placed in the Historical Section of the Hospital through which the children pass on their way to many different places in the Hospital.

We are so grateful to the Child Life Specialists, photographed below, who do everything they can to make the lives of the children who are at the hospital better, especially around the holidays.  Thank goodness for the doctors, and staff of professionals who dedicate their efforts to improving the lives of our precious little ones. 

We enjoyed selecting ornaments and ribbons in lime green, fuchsia and bright teal.

We loved the playful ornaments we found: balls wrapped in twirled ribbons, felt animals, sparkly polka dot bulbs, and balls wrapped in bright, warm sweater material with darling buttons.  Trees for children are the best!

Thanks to the Children's Hospital of San Antonio for letting us bring holiday cheer to the children at your hospital.  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.